Improve Your Quality of Life With Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak


Improve Your Quality of Life With Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak

The mind and the brain occupy very important positions in human life. Rather recently, we have started accepting the fact that thoughts and nerves play rather important roles in our well-being. Addictions are very common examples of alcohol or drugs that can cause severe mental problems and upset the nervous system. Very careful handling of such sensitive cases by physicians and psychiatrists would help to alleviate the stress. Top Psychiatrist in Rohtak help such cases resume a normal life free from the evil effects.

The amazing wonders achieved by medical science

The heart and lungs, liver and intestines along with other organs have been the focus of attention and research for many centuries. Not much was known or understood about the mind and the brain in the distant past. Immense developments in medical science research have now made psychological investigations possible. A neuro-psychiatrist works on both the mind and the brain. Cognitive and behavioral problems arising from neurological issues are the domain of the neuro-psychiatrist. Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak, Dr. Abhishek Chugh caters to both fields.

Aiming for an improved quality of life

While food, clothing and shelter may suffice for a basic existence, don’t we desire so much more out of life? A happy family life, good health and professional satisfaction are some requisites. Law and order and political and religious freedom are others. Many important aspects of life are connected with the happy state of mind. When mental problems arise due to an accidental injury or stroke, for instance, it is the psychiatrist who needs to be consulted. It is a complex treatment that combines several modes of treatment. Medicines along with physiotherapy and work therapy with counseling may be necessary to restore a normal life.

Complexities of the 21st-century life

While we can be justifiably proud of the development in technology and industry now, nuclear power and transport, the tensions are increasing. It is a superfast lifestyle with little exercise. Crowded cities filled with pollution only make the situation worse. We are certainly not getting healthier. Diseases like cancer are spreading fast, not to speak of the current epidemic with no end in sight.

Imagine the state of the mind that is engaged in a bitter tug of war! Materialistic values, excessive media and digital stress, intense competition and crime have combined to create a hell upon earth.

Humans are becoming more and more mechanical, relationships are suffering the most. Social media has no doubt opened up the world but there is no contact with immediate neighbors.

Anxiety and depression

Though a person may appear quite fit and well, severe anxiety may be bothering the mind. Body language often reveals the sad condition. Too much fear and worry can be exhausting. Many millions suffer from such a condition. Anger and violence may be the result. Feeling sad and hopeless is common. Losing interest in study and work, the thoughts may turn to suicide in extreme cases. Insomnia is common under such conditions. Difficulty in concentration and failing at work is the result. Fatigue would result and restlessness. Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak often treats such individuals and helps them return to a regular life.

Seek help soon and avoid delay

Realize that the mind and brain are equally important like the heart and lungs. Decide to seek help in time. Every kind of problem worsens with delay. The longer the delay, the higher the price to pay. If problems like addiction, sexual disorder or schizophrenia exists or is suspected, contact Top Psychiatrist in Rohtak. It is better to take preventive treatment even when the symptoms are mild before they get more serious and out of control. A consultation will clear up all the doubts, maybe forever.

Recovery from addictions

Habitual practice of consuming a substance like drugs and alcohol can have very harmful physical and mental effects. What starts as recreational activity could turn into a nightmare and it affects the millions globally.
The craving for the substance becomes overpowering and theft and crime may be practiced to support the habit. Such a patient cannot stop the habit as dependence has built up over time. Relationships suffer in the family and workplace. Study and work suffer. Health problems will commence sooner or later. Secrecy is common and the personal appearance changes.

Gentle rehabilitation with the experienced Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak would gradually get rid of the harmful influences. Along with the mind, the body requires treatment to reprogram the life, often with work therapy. Keeping the mind idle only creates further problems. Top Psychiatrist in Rohtak presents smart solutions to achieve an addiction-free life.

Do’s and don’ts in a traditional Indian society

Psychiatric problems are rarely discussed and sexual disorders are common but nobody speaks about them. Sex is important in married life and the birth of the new generation. Premarital counseling is best. Unhappy couples need to consult to find solutions to difficulties. It might be a loss of interest in sex or the absence of physical desire. Pain and inability to be aroused for sex or delayed orgasms are other issues. Speak it out in confidence and find solutions quickly rather than wait without reason.

Solutions for Schizophrenia

We are surrounded by a common reality but some people think and feel differently and are mistaken about life. They suffer from false beliefs and delusions affect their thinking. Emotions and speech may be affected. Considering themselves the victims of conspiracies and fearing dangers that do not exist. They might think they possess mighty powers.

Physically, they may be disorganized like being silly or intensely disturbed. Facial expression and speech may show the difference. They may neglect hygiene and behave quite differently from the usual. They cannot enjoy life because of the barriers. Hearing voices and seeing things that do not exist are common.

Best Psychiatrist in Rohtak who is also well versed with neurology can open up a fresh new chapter in life. Examine your own life and the family members. Though we have the habit of keeping things secret and postponing dealing with problems, it might lead to greater problems in the future. If doubt or suspicion exists, arrange for a consultation with Top Psychiatrist in Rohtak. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

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